FILM KEELE is the official blog for the Film Studies programme at Keele University. As well as informing on current and forthcoming events relating to the programme, the blog is also platform for both staff and students to discuss and express their experience of Film, as a medium and an academic discipline. As a programme engaged with the aesthetic possibilities of Film, and its evolving role in various aspects of social and political life, FILM KEELE will offer a vital space for voicing questions, debates, and enthusiasms.

Film as both as a form of popular entertainment, and as a means of social, cultural and political communication, is a highly influential art form. It is one with a rich tradition, extending back to the end of the nineteenth century. It is also one which has experienced significant changes over time, in terms of the way it is produced, and the ways in which it is experienced. For many, the world we know is largely defined through its images and sounds, as film – wherever we happen to watch it – continues to occupy a major part of our time.

Film Studies at Keele is a theoretical degree programme in which you analyse and investigate the stylistic and semiotic possibilities of film, as well as its influence on our understanding of history, the present and the future. We analyse its fluctuating aesthetics and narratives across cultural and historical contexts, identifying the impact of politics and economics on film production. We consider how film functions within society, how it explores individual, national, sexual and racial identities, and how it has developed over time and across cultures. And in changing technological times, we think about the ways film continues to define itself alongside, but also against, other forms of screen media.